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​​Identify and research requirements needed for your development project (purposes, objectives, and goals). Determine the operational concepts, expectations, tools & techniques required, and any constraints or dependencies for the project. Also evaluate hardware and software procedures currently in use (data analysis and control operations).



Design and plan system architecture, data definitions, user interface, system approach, and programming specifications (functional, constructional, and data structures). Plans are balanced using criteria from constraints (cost\budgeting, project timelines, and labor force), any dependencies (existing software and hardware), and project scope.

The project's release installation, integration, testing, debugging, and any data migrations. Time should be allocated for quality control checks, bug tracking, user training, and database maintenance.

Coding of system modules, control procedures, and database & data entities. Also the creation of help manuals & documentation, reporting functionality, and any administration features needed. Coding factors: reliability, usability, scalability, portability, and modifiability.


- System Integration & Testing
- Cost Estimating
- Software Implementation
- Program Management
- Project Research & Management
- Training & Management

- Technical Consulting Services

- System Analysis & Design

- Website Design & Creation

- Requirements Analysis

- Program Planning\Specifications
- Data Structure\Design & Planning 
- Data Management\Administration
- Data Analysis   


  • EMR & Patient Intake System
  • College Scholarship Application Site
  • Volunteer/Humanity Site
  • Wholesale Lending Software 
  • Hospital Patient Tracking System 
  • Hotel Reservation System 
  • P.O.S./Inventory System 
  • Retailer\eCommerce Sites
  • Rental/Roommate Subscription Site
  • Real Estate Broker/Listings Site
  • Personals/Matchmaker Sites
  • Small Business Websites​







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